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Body soul energy is a therapeutic massage and bodywork studio located in Mahncke Park, San Antonio, Texas.  I integrate deep structural bodywork with relaxation massage to address muscle tension and chronic pain.  I also incorporate Reiki and energy healing to assist in mental, emotional, and physical trauma.  My goal as a massage therapist is to reduce stress and dis-ease in the body.  Receiving intuitive bodywork helps calm the nervous system and releases tension patterns. My work is therapeutic, intuitive, and compassionate.  I honor and hold the client in the highest possible regard.  . Like body.soul.energy on facebook for more interaction.

Shamanic Healing Massage

This session starts out with a custom shamanic drumming session while you relax in a meditative state on the table. The session blends into a healing and nurturing massage with essential oils, integrating your experience,  then ends with a sage aura cleansing, balancing and clearing your auric field. Visit the pricing page for pricing and online booking information.

Good News :

Online scheduling is now available and accepting credit cards and bank/debit cards as a payment option. Gift certificates are always available, in any amount. Bundled Massage Therapy Sessions now available. Aromatherapy now available as a add on in your session. Refer a client to me and take 10.00 off your next session – refer 3 clients and receive a free session!