healing work

  • Healing session/Reiki - $120.00

    This is a hands on healing session, channeling the universal life force energy to assist and heal body mind and spirit. Balances the chakras and cleanses the auric field. Please allow 90 minutes for this session.

  • Cleanse + Balance - $60.00

    Remove negative vibration and energy, and balance the chakras to promote well being in mind, body, and spirit. This session includes, hands on healing, and smudging with sage or copal incense.

  • Shamanic healing session - $130.00

    In this healing session, your intentions are addressed on an energetic level, mentally, emotionally, spiritually physically. Clearing attachments, removing intrusions, blocked energy. The tools I use are, the sacred drum, rattle, stones, sacred herb.

  • Zoom - Long distance healing - $150.00

    There is no time or space in the Universe. Healing can be sent anywhere, anytime. This is a long distance healing session, with the same results as you were to have it in person.

  • Spiritual guidance - $100.00

    This is a one on one session, where information is shared on a spiritual level. There are times when we need direction and clarity, on ones journey in this lifetime. In the earlier years in Hispanic culture, these sessions were called “Platicas”.

  • Power animal retrieval journey - $80.00

    In this guided journey, similar to a meditation, you will journey to the ” Lower world” where your animal totem resides, and find your power animal guardian.