• Todd Littleton, LMT | Licensed Massage Therapist

I am opening up mentorship sessions for massage therapy and for energetic and spiritual healing modalities. Throughout my lifetime of healing and spiritual growth, I have gained knowledge from applied formal schooling; from informal schooling with various healers in various traditions and practices; and more importantly, directly from Spirit and the spirit world. As healing practitioners, we are the clear vessel for the healing energy to pass through to the recipient; we are “the hollow bone”. Being that clear vessel opens the way for a true and complete healing yo occur on all levels.

With a massage therapy practice, I can share knowledge and information on how to have a successful, enriched practice with passion and longevity. For the person who has the “calling” to do this work, it is not work or a job, but a privilege and an honor to serve mankind with this gift.

You can contact me with any questions, and go to my online booking page to book the time that fits your specific needs.

With honor and infinite blessings –