• Greetings, people of the table.

Welcome to the newly designed  body soul energy website.  My dear friend, web designer and graphic artist Danielle Cunningham, of Serious Media, always does a magnificent job.  As my life and my healing work evolve, I felt my website and graphics needed to evolve as well to reflect that growth.  I invite you to visit the site often. I will be posting regular news, thoughts, ideas, and any positive and high vibrational information to move us along on our life journey.

In 2015, I took some advanced healing and spiritual workshops with Ginger Quinlan of Soul Sessions Academy.  I’m always hungry for new tools to add to my toolbox of healing and well-being.  I studied more advanced energy work techniques, dark energy and entity removal, soul retrieval, and Mediumship.  In some of my healing sessions, I started to receive messages and images from people from the “other side” so, I felt, I needed to learn more about how to deal with this gift. Our loved ones are always around us and just want us to know they are okay and will help if asked. They can’t interfere with our life path, but they can bring us comfort and love when we need it the most.

I am offering long distance healing sessions, where you receive a healing just as you would if you were with me on my table.  Universal healing energy knows no limits or boundaries, just like prayer.

Life coaching – intuitive guidance is another service I am offering.  This is a one-on-one session where spiritual and intuitive information is shared.  There are times when we need an intermediary to the spirit world to gain information for knowledge on one’s life journey.  Or maybe you just need confirmation on something you already feel like you know, but need some added guidance or information.

I hope you find peace and tranquility here. I strive to be a clear channel for the healing energies to pass through to you and through you.  Mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

With peace and love —